Review: Oskar Blues Gordon

Gordon is a hybrid version of strong ale, somewhere between an Imperial Red and a Double IPA. We make it with six different malts and three types of hops, then dry-hop it with a mutha lode of Amarillo hops. It is 8.7% alcohol by volume, and has 85 International Bittering Units.

It features a gooey, resiny aroma and a luscious mouthfeel. Gordon is brewed with dash of chocolate malt in it, to round out its load of hops and balance the beer. The result is an assertive yet exceptionally smooth version of strong beer.

Mmmm, this is a big bold beer. Dubbed a Double IPA by Beer Advocate, an American Strong Ale by Rate Beer and damn tasty by me.

This beer (12oz can, baby!) pours a bright rusty red with goden highlights and a tall off white head that leaves behind a ton of lacing.

Smell is sweet and hoppy, almost a chocolate-caramel nose along with citrus hops.

Taste is malty, actually rather balanced with sweetness in the front and the lush hop bitterness in the finish,

Mouthfeel is medium bodied and just a tad sticky.

Drinkability is good, this one is big and tasty but not so big as to be overpowering.