Belgium Comes to Indiana (PA).

Meeting Provisions

Wednesday night, as Nate has already noted, the jokingly self-dubbed executive board of the Homebrew Club got together to figure out what exactly we were going to talk about at our next meeting. Nate's summary describes the evening well.
...there was some nice spicy sausage, Gruyere and Havarti cheese, then some St. Andre triple cream and a Spanish bleu (forgot the name) wrapped in grape leaf. Some apples and pears provided a sweet touch - and the hot appetizer for the evening was pieces of pheasant (courtesy of Eli) and pepperocini (sp?) peppers wrapped in bacon.

More Provisions

All were full of fine spirits, good humor, quick wit and B.S. On hand were a lovely selection of brews, all of which are rather rare, especially around these parts.

The Big Bottles

1. Lost Abbey Lost & Found, 750mL (Dave)
2. 2004 Westvleteren 12, 330mL (Nate)
3. Russian River Damnation, 750mL (Justin)
4. Russian River Redemption, 750mL (Justin)
5. Russian River Salvation, 750mL (Justin)
6. Oskar Blues TEN FIDY, 2x12oz cans (Eli)

The Russian River beers seemed to be a big hit, but the personal highlight for me was the 04 Westy. Definitely worthy of the hype.

Westy 12 Bottle Cap

As you can see from the picture, I was pretty much at a loss for words.