Review: Four Beers From Brooklyn

On the way home from work on Friday I stopped off at a local sixpack shop, one that also happens to sell singles. As soon as I walked in, the lady mentioned to me that they had some new stuff in the cooler. I've obviously been in there enough that they know I'm looking for more than the usual sixer. New to the Indiana beer market: Brooklyn Brewery.

They had four different brews in the cooler: Brooklyn Lager, Pilsner, East India Pale Ale and Brown Ale. I picked them all up along with a couple other new brews. I popped open the Brooklyn brews Sunday throughout the day, while watching the NFL playoffs (Boo Steelers!!!) and playing with the kids.

Brooklyn Lager is Brooklyn Brewery's flagship beer, the first beer they produced when they formed in 1987. A Vienna lager in style, the beer pours a rich amber with a nice fluffy head. Smell is a bouquet of floral hops. Taste is malty, with a medium full body, washed away with a light bitterness in the finish. A tasty beer, an excellent flagship and a very good foil to my mini-burgers and tiny twice baked potatoes, leftover from last night's Steeler debacle snacks.

Next up was Brooklyn Pilsner.

Brooklyn Pilsner is brewed in the pre-Prohibition American style, meaning its very rooted in traditional German malts and hops, Perle and Hallertauer. Man, this poured just like a good pilsner should, straw colored and full of carbonation, a nice puffy head blossoming over the rim of the glass. Spicy hops in the nose, though not the explosion of aroma I get from some other pilsners. Still it's pretty tasty and quite drinkable.

Later that afternoon, while having a snack with Zach and Ella, I popped open the East India Pale Ale.
We cut up some Golden Delicious apples, some Wisconsin Cheddar and threw some Triscuits on a plate. Worked out very well with the IPA, which is definitely an English-style brew. Brooklyn chose to show off East Kent Goldings on this brew, making it both grassy and citrusy. There's a nice maltiness to balance out the hops, as well. What's funny, I got Zach into swirling and sniffing his cup of grape juice.

Last up was the Brooklyn Brown Ale, the first Brooklyn beer I ever had, and really THE beer I think of when I think of Brooklyn Brewery, along with their delicious Black Chocolate Stout. Had this one with dinner, grill-roasted turkey and baked potatoes. Worked together pretty well, the malty nuttiness complimenting the grill char and the hops quenching the smoky saltiness of the crisp chicken skin. A very good example of an American brown ale.

All in all, I enjoyed each of these beers. I'm not sure I'd buy them all regularly, but they are good examples of their styles and a welcome addition to small town western PA.