It's Burns' Day.

Hey its Robert Burns birthday!

If you're out that way go to the Sly Fox event. They'll be releasing their Scotch and serving haggis. Sly Fox always seems to put together such fun events, and this is one I wish I could attend.

It's that day again--Kilts! Poetry! Haggis! And the release of Gang Aft Agley Scotch Ale (both draught AND bottles this year).

Instead, I'll probably be making Shepherds Pie and drinking some Erie Brewing's Ol' Red Cease and Desist.

Both Beer Advocate and Rate Beer reviewers place this brew fairly middle of the road.

Funny story behind that name. The beer used to be named Red Ryder and Red Ryder Big Beer. After being ordered by the law to change the name from that of the famous BB gun maker, the brewers at Erie came up with the current name.

Here's a bit more on Erie's Scottish Ale from an older article in the Pittsburgh Trib.
This deep amber-colored ale has rich malt and caramel flavors and ample hop bitterness balancing a whopping 10.1 percent alcohol.

Want to do your own Burns Night? A good resource is this page from the BBC, which includes everything from a brief bio to recipes and even a limerick contest(!!!).