Who Doesn't Like Christmas Vacation?

With more or less the rest of the month of December off, I'm hoping for a relaxing break and a very beery close to the year.

-I've got two batches to bottle, the IPA and the Imperial Amber Ale.
-The first of the Imperial Steam Beer should be opened sometime next week.
-With all this 'free time', I'm planning to cook more, which always goes well with beer.
-A few of us from Indiana Homebrew Club are putting together a beer tour for a day after Christmas.
-Maybe one more batch to brew before the end of the year? Who knows.
-A couple recent trades and aquisitions have me up to my ears in good beer, including some DFH Immort Ale, Bell's Expedition and Batch 8000, Victory Old Ho', Lancaster Winter Warmer and a fresh growler of Otto's Winter Warmer.

I'll do my best to keep up with posts, report back on how the homebrew is tasting, and perhaps even include a few write-ups of my holiday beer tasting.