'Tis the Season.

With snow falling outside and temperatures dropping (at least this week...), I'm fully into the Christmas spirit.

And that is something odd for me. I'm not sure what it is, maybe its getting older and slightly less cynical. Maybe its my ability to block out all the commercial hubbub. Maybe its just seeing my kids excitement and remembering 'what it used to be like'.

Maybe its the Sly Fox Christmas Ale talking. Easily my favorite Winter seasonal, (Is February's Nugget Nectar release far enough off to be considered Spring?) I couldn't help getting a case when I was in Philly, especially at the basement bargain price of $40 for twelve 750s.

Last night I popped open the first one, this year graced with a bright green label, but otherwise the same look as last years. Nice way to differentiate for a vertical, lining all the bottles up, a seasonal display of tasty brew. Definitely going to have to save a couple for future years, an opportunity I missed last year, but only having two bottles, they didn't last long.

I'll do a more thorough tasting post soon.