Review: Bell's Java Stout

Bell's Java Stout
The satisfying elements of both stout and coffee come together in this full-bodied treat. A marriage of Sumatra's best with rich chocolate and roasted malt provides for a truly enlightening beer.

I've professed my love before for coffee beers, Bell's Java Stout being one of the best of them, so this should be telling.

12oz bottle poured into a pint glass, purchased at Uncle Sudsy's.

This is what a coffee stout should look like. Pour is jet black with a puffy mocha head, rocky and long-lasting, lacing well as it falls.

Smell is sweet and roasty and full of coffee aroma. I think Bell's uses Sumatran though I'm not sure. Like a beeruccino.

Taste is rich and earth, tons of coffee flavor along with just a touch of sweetness to mellow it out. This is just 100% black coffee beer. Delicious.

Mothfeel is rich and full bodied, slightly creamy and just plain thick.

Drinkability is good, I could drink as many of these as the cups of coffee I have each morning. A great beer I enjoy every year, coffee + beer at its finest.