Nothing in Primary

For the first time in a few months, I've got nothing in my fermenter buckets.

I bottled up the Imperial Steam Sunday morning, capping a total of 42 bottles.

Doing that emptied out a carboy, into which I transfered the Imperial Amber Ale, along with a 2 ounce Cascade dryhop.

I also opened up my first bottle of the Steam beer I brewed as my 'comeback' beer. Nicely carbonated, not a foamer like the EAssB, long lasting head. Its still not where it needs to be, as it smells a little green, but I'm hoping a few more weeks of sitting will turn it around.

I noticed a bit of the weirdness that I had from the EAssC, but I'm not sure if that is the age of the beer, only two weeks in the bottle or if its a DMS problem.

I left the lid off this time, so if that is the case, I'm going to blame it on a weak boil. Even using the turbojet we have for a front burner on our stove it can be a push to get a good rolling boil, a problem I've alleviated in the past couple batched by using a ring of heavy duty aluminum foil as a heat shield around the bottom of the pot. Visually, its working well. Hopefully it pays off in taste.