Three posts in one morning?!

Since I'll be gone all week, I figured I'd squeeze in as much content ahead of time as I could.

Looking back of the most recent posts, I realized I hadn't said much at all about the Imperial Steam Beer (Batch 0003) I brewed up.

When I decided to kickstart my brewing again, I brewed a Steam Beer kit. In the interest of reusing that yeast cake, I looked around for a recipe for an Imperial Steam Beer. I found two different recipes, one from TastyBrew and one from the Maltose Falcons.

I used a Steam Beer kit as a base and with the above as a guide, Dave and I crafted a recipe. He's handy with his tools, BeerTools that is...)

It fermented quite nicely and has been in secondary now for more than two weeks. I decided to crash cool it get some of the floaters to drop out and that has worked very well. I was hoping to bottle it before I left town, but time being what it is, I ran out.

Looking forward to trying it though!