It's been a while...

Well, after a busy and trying (at times) six-plus months, I'm going to give this blogging business another shot.

I've jumped back into homebrewing thanks to a boost of personal interest, due in part to the official formation of the Indiana Homebrew Club (offshoot of the Indiana Beer Club).

Currently, I've got 15 gallons of liquid on top of the fridge in fermentors. I'm planning to bottle one batch, a Steam Beer, tonight.

I dumped the wort for an Imperial Steam Beer on top of that batches yeast cake. I think I'm going to crash cool it in our uninsulated attic to get some of the floaters to drop out.

I also have 5.5 gallons of hard cider in primary. Its the result of some unpasteurized Pome Ridge Orchard apple cider and two packs of Nottingham Dry yeast.

In the works, with ingredients on the way, are an Alpha King Clone and a Dry Hopped Amber Ale.

We popped the last bottle of my ESB, now dubbed EAssB, at the second Indiana Homebrew Club meeting, unfortunately as an example of what homebrew should not taste like. Some people (must have been drunk) actually said it wasn't too bad.

Can anyone say back at it?

I haven't rated a beer in FOREVER, but I've definitely been enjoying my fair share. May do a post or two about specific beers sometime. We shall see.