First Brew Review - 2 weeks in the bottle

After two weeks in the bottle, I could wait no longer. I stuck a bottle in the fridge yesterday and popped in open Sunday afternoon. I said to myself, "If its even drinkable, I'll be satisfied".

Well, based on that goal, I think its ok. The head off the initial pour was huge. Infection? I fear that may be the case. The body is a golden honey color, a tad cloudy though I think I didn't leave quite enough in the bottom of the bottle.

The nose is rather fruity for a bitter I think, but not sour or offensive. I think the DMS is a little present though.

Taste is ok, again, not offensive. Drinkable but not great. I think we'll be making a little more beer bread around the house. A decent bitterness in the finish but certainly not what I would call hoppy.

Carbonation seems like its coming a little, I got a nice pffiff popping the cap.

The recipe says this beer hits its prime around two months in the bottle, so I'm hoping it gets better...