Another Session ahoy, this Friday she be...

Arrr, mateys!

Allan at A Good Beer Blog has sounded the warning for Friday and this time the beers be Dubbels (just stick with me on the pirate theme for a minute)!

Like Allan, the area is a tad lacking in Dubbels and my personal experience is consistent. However, Clipper City recently released a new beer to their line-up, Holy Sheet Uber Abbey Ale.

Part of the Heavy Seas line-up of very tasty beers, Holy Sheet Uber Abbey Ale is:
From the centuries-old tradition of Belgian Abbey monks comes our Uber Abbey Ale (9%). Aromatic and very full bodied, the beer will pour a deep burgundy in color and feature a rich, robust depth of malt character. Grab a line – Holy Sheet! – or you might be swept overboard.

Some websites (like BeerAdvocate for example) call it a Beligan Dark Ale, but in that same category are many other Dubbel-style beers, like New Belgium Abbey, Ommegang, and Chimay Red, so I think I am safe enough.

I'm really looking forward to trying a new beer from Clipper City and I'm quite pleased with the way the timing worked out for this one. Now walk the plank, land lubber!