Western PA Brewery Updatery

Via the always prescient Lew Bryson come a healthy round of updates, a bunch of which involve western PA.

Blurbbage includes East End, Four Sons, Sprague Farm and Voodoo. But, wait!

Perhaps the most exciting is this:
Andrew Maxwell (out of John Harvard's) and the folks from the Rivertowne Inn (Verona and North Huntington) are getting together to open a brewpub in Monroeville, just off the Turnpike interchange (312 Center Rd.). He's got a 15 bbl. JVNW brewhouse ("Gas-fired," Andrew said, "It’s the nicest system I’ve ever touched.") and tanks already in Pittsburgh, and there's a sales agreement on the building (paperwork should be final in two weeks or so). Get this: "Our goal is to carry between 13 and 18 beers at any one time," Andrew says. "I’ve never been given the opportunity to do something like this." Those of you lucky enough to know him from JHBH Monroeville should be excited; and so should the rest of you. This is going to be a very easy stop off the PA TP...and a must-stop.

Its to be called the Rivertowne Pourhouse, and by golly, I cannot wait for it to open.