Transfering to Secondary

After taking a hydrometer reading on Sunday (it read 1.020), I thought it would be safe to transfer last night, based on the 1-2-3 fermentation schedule.
So after a week in the primary, I took another hydrometer sample last night. Its fallen to 1.014! The recipe I had from Grape and Granary didn't have a final gravity listed, so I combed through some books I had, and averaging the final gravities from those recipes, it's pretty spot on, I think.

So I did as Charlie Papazian said, "relax don't worry, have a homebrew". Well, it wasn't a homebrew, but I do what I can.

I cleaned and sanitized all of my transfering equipment, the carboy, a growler (for the yeast). I used Idophor this time, rather than the B-Brite I had for the brewing night. I'll probably be using it instead from now on, I like the ease of use as well as the somewhat more safe product.

Transferring went smoothly, despite my missing carboy cap, I sanitized my mouth with vodka and got things underway. The process was quick, easy and I was done and cleaning up in less than an hour's time. I saved the yeast cake from this batch in a growler, with plans to use it for my next batch. Not only will I save money, but its an easy way to get a starter and provide for a vigorous fermentation out the door. Anything to quell my constant fidgeting and second-guessing.

Just an aside: I thought this blog could use a little sprucing up, thus the pictures. I know most people who will read this know exactly what the process is like, but it sure makes the post more interesting, either way. I took a couple pictures during the initial brew night, but they include incriminating evidence off me leaving the lid on the pot for the entire boil, so I'd rather not post those.