The Session: Not Your Father's Stout

The theme of the first-ever Beer Blogging Friday aka The Session was "Not Your Father's Stout" though I must say that if my father did enjoy beer, my choice is one right up his alley.

Brewed in St Louis, by the St Louis Brewery aka Schlafly, Kaldi's Coffee Stout is an October release.
This collaboration with Kaldi's Coffee uses the cold toddy method of extraction for the coffee. We mix it with Oatmeal Stout for an exceptionally delicious beer. Also available in bottles.

A friend of mine who owns a Coffeehouse was able to tell by taste that it was a cold toddied beer, though the best assessment I can give is that its my favorite coffee beer.

As I've noted before in this space, I am a big fan of coffee and beer. Combine the two and I'm as close to heaven as I will get, so saying the Schlafly is my favorite holds some weight, at least to me.

On to the beer.

This is a very dark stout, the normally dark bodied beer made even more-so with the addition of the coffee. A huge puffy head rises out of the glass, fluffy but packed with tight bubbles. As it falls to a constant layer of foam, it leaves creamy lacing behind on the side of the glass.

The smell, perhaps oddly enough, is not overwhelming with coffee. There's a nice nutty roastiness to the beer along with obvious whiffs of dark roast coffee, but with it comes a sweet creaminess.

The taste is quite bitter, again mainly the role of the coffee, the hops present here are much in the background. This beer is rich and creamy, with a silky texture that's just a tad sticky-sweet. A tad high in alcohol at 5.7% to be a true session beer, but when the weather is cold and the wind is blowing, a session with this beer is a welcome opportunity.

Being a coffee stout, this beer begs to be paired with dessert, perhaps a warm piece of apple pie (a la mode of course). For the more adventurous (or those with little pressing for a day) this beer is made for breakfast. Can anyone say pancakes with an apple compote and just a touch of fresh whipped cream?