A PA-brewed Guinness alternative.

Don Russell, aka Joe Sixpack has posted his regular Friday column for the Philadelphia Daily News, choosing this week, appropriately, to highlight Sly Fox Brewing's O'Reilly's Stout.
Said O'Reilly: "Every bar that puts it on, it just makes it that much easier for us to tell other bars, 'See, you don't need to serve Guinness.'

I don't know of a single bar that started serving us that has gone back to Guinness."

It's gotten so popular, Sly Fox is considering canning the stout with one of those nifty widgets that help create the brew's signature foamy head.

There's one other thing that has to be said about O'Reilly's Stout: it just might taste better than the original.

Very cool, I'd be thrilled to pick up a sixer of widgeted O'Reilly's, especially since its currently a draft-only option, meaning it doesn't see its way out to western PA much. That said, last I was at Market Street Ale House in downtown Pittsburgh, they had it on tap, I'm assuming in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. I didn't get a chance to try it, as I had a meeting right after lunch that I was heading-up (though after the meeting, I kind of felt the pint wouldn't have done any harm).

Other options that I am personally aware of:

East End
is having the 2-for-1 Black Strap Stout specials for (extended) growler hours this Saturday.

I was at Red Star yesterday and they had flyers up indicating an Irish Day tomorrow, with tappings of fresh Irish Red and Iron Horse Stout (the latter a GABF medal winner). I was hoping for a growler fill of either one but it was not to be.

North Country seems to have on their McCafferty's Ale, a "true Celtic Red ale".