Brewing super-small batches

After reading a little of Ted's Homebrew Journal and searching the Home Brew Forums, I've become interested in brewing extra small batches. Microbrewers do small 5 gallon test batches all the time, I'm just scaling it even further.

I figure with less volume to brew the process will be a little quicker and I'll be able to brew more often or do more brews. It won't be faster to boil or ferment, but it will get drank faster and I'll have more chance/time to experiment.

I've got plenty of half-gallon growler jugs around but then I'd have to split the batch, which means more equipment to purchase, which could be spent just as easily on ingredients. I've read about people using one-gallon glass apple juice jugs, as well.

Anyone have any experiences to share or advantages/disadvantages?

Also, I'll be bottling my first batch sometime this week and I'm working out plans to brew a batch with a friend who has never brewed. Wish us luck!