"wonderfully creamy but sour overtones"

Proving that I can, in fact, laugh at myself, here's an article from The Onion about a potato chip connoisseur. Replace all the potato chip stuff with beer attributes and its pretty much spot-on.

But the chip enthusiast hasn't always been so discerning. After being turned on to chips by friends in college, Sterken said he "used to cram them in, two or three at a time, without any appreciation for their tactile qualities or gentle nuances. Back in those days I couldn't tell the difference between a Walker and a Wise. I thought it was all about boldness and crunch."

Too funny.

For the past year, he has been hosting monthly chip-tasting parties at his apartment to introduce "new finds and old favorites to all of [his] friends."

Now that one hits pretty close to home.

How about some pairing tips?

"If you're having a small lunch, you'll want to go with a medium-bodied Sun Chip that won't steal focus, whereas most hamburgers are going to require a more robust Frito," said Sterken, who suggests allowing all corn-based chips to breathe in a shallow bowl before enjoying.

Well played, Onion, well played...