We've got bubbles!

Last night when I got home the airlock WAS bubbling. Finally!

I say that even though I know it wasn't that long. Patience is one of the key attributes to being a homebrewer, so that's another thing that I'm learning as I go. It was too get cold overnight, so I wrapped the fermenter in a blanket, pulled it further out from the back of the cabinet and hoped for the best.

It was still cold this morning when I checked. The beer had fallen to 60 degrees so I decided I need a change for the sake consistency and warmth. I cleared off the top of the fridge and _carefully_ lifted the bucket to the top.

Now its starting to take off. I'm getting bursts of bubble activity every ten to fifteen seconds.

The fermenter is still out of the way, impossible to meddle with and now the temperature is more even or the day's cycle.

Plus, it makes for a great conversation piece.