Pulling the homebrewing trigger

I've finally gone all in. I'm going to homebrew, and soon!

My lovely wife gave a starter fund for Valentines Day (how's that for romance?) and I figured I have enough for a decent kit.

I've had feelers out to a number of people who have brewing equipment they no longer need or want, so I was hoping to get some of my equipment on the cheap. Sure, I could have just brewed at Nate's house, but that kind of felt like cheating.

Friday I ran out to a friend of my Dad's, a guy who had homebrewed in the past but had not done any brewing for years. Lack of time? Perhaps, he does custom woodworking so I can see how that may be an issue.

Long story short, I ended up getting a huge deal (some handy extra stuff too, including a recipe book and a bottle washer) and had enough leftover cash to stop off and get a Turkey Fryer kit. We have a kit we found in our attic, but it lacks a burner. The new kit's cookpot also has a spigot, which the older kit does not, so I figured it would be better to not use that one to brew. Plus, if we ever do when we want to fry a turkey, there will be no mixing of tools.

I ordered an English Special Bitter extract kit from The Grape and Granary, a homebrew shop in Akron, OH which Nate recommended along with a Wyeast 1028, London Ale Yeast. The kit includes a dry yeast, which I may use to do something like a Coffee Brown Ale. I've been flipping through books and have a good idea for the recipe, I just need to figure out what coffee origin/roast I want to use. More on that later.

So, I'm ready to brew, Kim is going to help (how's that for supportive?) and here's hoping it goes well.