It's Hibernatin' Time

Here is western Pennsylvania we've gotten a spell of weather over the last couple of days. We've had snow, though not Oswego County NY volumes, which last night was topped of by a nice inch or so of ice, followed by a little more snow for good measure. It was enough to close our offices, so I've got a snow day! It's still coming down out there now and the temperature is dropping.

So, whats a geek to do? Stay inside, under a quilt and read a book? Why no, a better idea would be to go out and tackle it all.

Somehow, we've managed to have one of the biggest driveways on the block, despite being situated amongst a group of four-squares like ours. I'll blame on being the corner house: two frontages, double the asphalt!

After spending the last couple hours lifting snow, breaking ice and heaving both as far as my limbs can manage with my less-than-ideal snow shovel, I'm inside again. A quick warm up of coffee (which for those playing along at home is a new fair trade, organic I received as a gift from TJ, owner of the Commonplace Coffeehouse), I sit down with a mug of 2005 Great Divide Hibernation Ale, a beer I've mentioned on this blog in the past. I also promised I'd devote some more time and space to qualitative reviews. On that note, here goes:

Great Divide Hibernation Ale 2005 vintage
12 ounce bottle, 8.1% ABV
Bottled October 20, 2005
Great Divide Website
Beer Advocate, Rate Beer

Dubbed by Great Divide to be Colorado's original strong ale, this beer is a big one.

Pours a murky, viscous dark brown, with a tall tan head.

Aroma bursts forth on this one, dark fruits and molasses, whiffs of alcohol. Not much hop aroma. This beer is a good year and half old, Great Divide brews this one in July and cellars it until October, add to the the one year of cellaring after bottling and voila.

Taste is sweet and malty, the hops more present as a good bitterness in the finish. Obvious alcohol, though in no ways too much, it makes this beer stand up straight.

Mouthfeel is rich and creamy, with an obvious warming, too.

Overall, this is a tasty winter (extra)warmer and one I look to try every year. It's good to see how the hops fade to the back with the year in the cellar. It's warmed up my old body very nicely, but lulls me into staying inside rather than heading back outside for another round with Old Man Winter.