The first rule of Beer Club...

is Please, talk about Beer Club!

Last night was our second meeting and Nate has a good write-up over on the club blog.

Good times were had and all the beer was tasty, minus one odd-bottle-out. For some reason the Southampton Biere de Garde was off. Jon said when he popped the cork there was very little 'popping' and that the bottle had been filled up to the cork itself.
Nate wrote:
A couple of us felt that it was off, with a lot of DMS (dimethyl sulfide) and buttery notes.

Pretty much sums it up. Its not an oft reviewed beer, being fairly new, at least in bottle form, the the Southampton line-up, but the one review that is up right now doesn't match our feelings.

It's a beer I'd like to try again, I've heard nothing but good things about Southampton, so this off bottle was a little frustrating, especially at the Club meeting.