First brew is in the bucket!

After a late-ish start, a little after 7:30, my first brew is in the fermenting bucket. Everything went quite smoothly, almost too smoothly, I'm still waiting for something to go wrong.

I case you missed the initial post, I brewed an extract ESB from the Grape and Granary. Besides showing up a day later than expected, service and price their were top-notch. The kit included liquid malt. dried malt extract, some specialty grains, plus both bittering and aroma hops and Irish moss. I ended up getting the London ESB yeast from Wyeast. The Smack-Pack gave me a bit of a scare, I wasn't certain it was working, so I gave it a few extra smacks.

Cleaning and sanitation went as well as those things could. No boil-overs, though I have my giant turkey fryer to thank for that more so than vigilance. I pitched the yeast with the temperature a little below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, starting with a original gravity of 1.043, which on the low end of the spectrum according to the BJCP, but as I said, the temperature was a bit high, so that may be off. According to the Complete Joy etc, thats about right.

All cleaned up around 11:30, not too shabby for four hour's work.

Now comes the hard part, worrying and waiting for fermentation to begin.