Fermentor woes...

Actually, my issues are probably more like worries, but I tend to be dramatic when passionate.

I'm doing the fermentation of my first batch in the kitchen cabinet under the sink. There's a couple reasons for that.
1. It's away from curious child and pet activity. Double doors = lockable.
2. It's out of the way of general household activity.
3. It tends to be the warmest room of the house.

My yeast asn't started yet, though the directions for my brew say it can be 24-72 hours. I'm somewhere around the 26 hour mark.

Overnight it got cold and the temperature of the beer dropped from 70F to 65F. I assume it will go back up to 75 as the day goes on and the house rewarms. I've got an old down jacket wrapped around the bucket, thinking at least I can keep it insulated. Tonight when it gets even colder (low of 5 or so I believe) I'll pull the bucket out and stick it somewhere warmer.

I know, "relax, don't worry. have a homebrew", but its only 7:00am and I've got to get to work. Advice, experience, tips?