Erie Micro Brew Festival will offer a taste of new brews

The Erie Micro Brew Festival, April 20 & 21, being hosted by the Brewerie at Union Station looks to be the a big event for a lot of the regions smaller brewers.

Not only will Sprague Farm be there as well as East End (both more or less one man operations, but the fest info says that Voodoo Brewery will be at the event, one of the most exciting, new, highly anticipated brewers in the area.

There will also be a beer dinner the night before, hosted by Mr PA Beer himself, Lew Bryson.

Call the Brewrie for more information.

Also, if you cannot wait until the to see what Voodoo has up its sleeve, they are one of the brewers, among the other good ones on the itinerary, for the Northwestern PA Brewery Tour, February 17th, also being organized by the Brewerie. My they are busy, no wonder their website is so bare bones! Only joking, folks!