What do you do when pickin's are slim?

Tomorrow night, the folks from my office decided to do a Wing Night. The bar/restaurant chosen has good wings and since it is the bar's Wing Night, good prices to boot. The problem, though only to me (the rest of the office is BMCY crowd), is the rather lousy beer selection.

Draft options are: the usual suspects plus Yuengling, Yuengling Black and Tan, Blue Moon and Guinness ) which isn't even spelled right on their website. Bottles are very much the same, plus Newcastle and Sam Adams.

Now, I'm not so snobby that I skip the gig altogether or drink water, especially not with wings. That's just not right. Blue Moon is only just ok and its overpriced since its a psuedo-micro. The Sam Adams is a real beer, but its not going to be cheap, and I don't like it enough to pay four bucks a pop. Last time, we were there they didn't even have any.

I guess I'll just wing it (sheesh) and see what happens when we get up there. I'm thinking its going to be a Yuengling night and to be honest, there are times when I actually like Yuengling. Would I get it at a beer bar when better options are available? No, but when its one of the only good beers in a small, western PA college town full of cheap macros, its a solid choice.

Now its your turn. Do you avoid places that don't have good beer? What do you do in a pinch?