Getting started homebrewing, maybe.

Being in to good beer, I think, at least for some one even a bit creative or scientific in nature, naturally extends in to brewing your own beer. Not long after you try a good beer do the gears start turning that make you think, hey I'll bet I could make something like this. It may not be as creative as a Triple Brown Bock (at first) but once you start down the road, there's probably nothing you can't make.

In fact, a lot of beerfolk say real innovation often comes from the homebrewer, who, brewing a mere 5 gallon batch, isn't making the sort of investment, both time and financial that a commercial brewer is. That leaves a lot more room for experimentation. Plus, a lot of commercial brewers start out as homebrewers. If I'm ever going to open up that brewpub (with a little help from my friends) someday, its a good way to get some experience under my belt (right...).

To that end, I've been thinking more and more about homebrewing. Kim bought me a cool homebrewing book called Microbrewed Adventures by Charlie Papazian, well-known (at least in the beer world as author of, basically the homebrewer's bible. Microbrewed Adventures combines a lot of brewing history (with an obvious emphasis towards craft beer) with recipes from the brewers Papazian talks about. Expect a review... err, sometime.

I've also got a borrowed copy of the above bible, the New Complete Joy of Homebrewing, to guide me. From what I understand, which is probably very little, its not that hard to mess up, as long as you keep organized, calm and clean.

I'm looking forward to getting the ball rolling, I've been prodded some more, so now its just a matter of time. Sweet, precious, limited time...