Best of 2006, one man's opinion (though not mine)

Lew Bryson, author of Pennsylvania Breweries, among other things beer and non-beer, has posted his Best of 2006 in 'The Buzz' section of his website. It has yet to have a permalink, so I'm going to just take a guess that someday it will be this. I'll update then when it gets archived.

He's got an obvious slant towards the eastern part of the state, but has impact across the state, as a lot of the places he mentions are easily accessible to us westerners or the product is in our market, like Weyerbacher (Best PA beer of 2006, Troegs (Best Local Brewery) and Sly Fox (Best Beer of 2006, although I'm not sure why that's different than Weyerbacher as they are both from PA. Lew?)

Of extra interest though, to the immediate area is Penn Brewings win as Best PA Brewpub. Lew says "You know I love lagers, and session drinking is my new crusade. That makes Penn Brewing an easy choice for best Pennsylvania brewpub. I lean more and more to the German beergarden model of drinking -- simple food, clean space, good session beers -- and Penn's dead-on the beam. I wish there was a place like this -- just like this -- in Philly, in Harrisburg, in Lancaster, in Reading, in Wilkes-Barre... I think it would revolutionize beer drinking in the Keystone State."
Go Penn!

He also gives a nod to Tom Baker, formerly head honcho at Heavyweight, a brewer I learned about much too late (and I think a lot of people feel the same) for Best Local Brewer. I'm still sitting on my last bottle of Perkuno's Hammer, although I happen to know where there may still be a case.

All in all, it seems like a good year for beer in PA, Nice coverage, Lew. Just write more in 2007!