Beer Management

Beer geek is a label that some folks who enjoy good beer to the point of calling it a hobby do not take kindly to. They argue that referring to others or themselves as geeks makes beer seem dorky or out of touch with reality, after all its just beer. Others prefer aficionado, enthusiast or oddly enough, snob. Its a topic ('what do we call ourselves') discussed in the beer world almost as frequently as beer itself.

Having no shame, I've embraced the beer geek moniker, and with it, all that comes along with being a geek. I post beer reviews (here, eventually) and on a website devoted to beer. There's more than one such website, actually. Beer Advocate just recently announced they had reached the threshold of 90,000 members. That's a lot of beer geeks. But that's not what this post, I was hoping, is about, so moving on.

I like to keep track of stuff. I'm not organized in my daily life, though I have noticed that as I grow older I'm more peevish about order. I keep reviews on the afore-mentioned website, but what if I don't want to review a beer, or just want to see what I have in my cellar (well, right now its an attic, but it works)? Enter Google Spreadsheets. Its free, its online and its quite handy. I'm able to track my current stash, provided I keep it up to date, share it with fellow beerheads in the interest of setting up trades and honestly, just geek out. You can find my beerlist, as I call it, over there on the right somewhere or just click this handy-dandy link.

Geeky? Perhaps, and I'm just fine with that.