Beer and Food: A Roughneck's Take

Over at A Roughneck's Take on Beer, Wörtwurst has posted a scanned piece from the Brewers Association about the delicious combination of good beer and good food.

Wörtwurst prefers snack foods with his brews and while I'm not one to pass over pretzels with my beer when offered, I really enjoy pairing beers I drink with the food (usually dinner) I am eating. Its not a new concept, in fact there have been a few excellent books written on the subject, most notably Garrett Oliver's The Brewmaster's Table.

The article is pretty boilerplate as far as beer and food goes, for example, German food with German beer, but its a good reference article. Also included are a few blurbs about glassware and cooking with beer.

The real Easter Egg in the article though, is this handy chart that grids beer style, along with some basic style characteristics. The chart then details suggested foods, cheeses and desserts for each style, as well as preferred glassware and serving temperature.

I'd like to think this goes to show that beer doesn't only go with food, beer IS food!