Argh and double argh.

When this topic came down the pike and popped on to my screen, I knew I recognized the columnist responsible. Leave it to the Tribune-Review to make Pittsburgh look... something.

Titled "Beer snobs forget the true meaning of beer", the column has me gaping at something in every paragraph. The guy sets himself up, going to the Sharp Edge of all places. Its a beer emporium, for Pete's sake,a beer bar that specializes in craft beer. Its not like he's stopping into Moe's for a mug of Duff.

I guess what bugs me most is that he set's himself up for the whole affair. He sounds almost xenophobic when he comments about "styles and brands of beer so obscure, you need a Frommer's travel guide just to pronounce them."

Give me a break. I'm just going to stop now. It's writing to get a reaction. This isn't the voice of Pittsburgh, its just one man's opinion, a columnist who's job it is to write their opinion.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, thank god for Bob Batz Jr. I'm going to leave the griping for some one else. I'll leave you with this, from Greg Koch:

"Typical human reaction. When you encounter something that you don't understand, it sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable. When that happens, people often react by either learning more about it or by attempting to marginalize it and thus make themselves feel better in the process. This guy simply chose the latter. Sadly, yes, but he's got a lot of company."

More good beer for me!